Sheet Mask Basics

From Willow and Sage from Stampington

Sheet Mask Basics

Here we help narrow down your options and break down the basics.


Microfiber Sheets

Microfiber sheets masks are the most common type on the market. Typically the cheapest option, they are made from non-woven, cotton-like fabric that is drenched in various ingredients to replenish the skin; however the microfiber causes the moister to evaporate quickly. These are not always one size fits all.


Hydrogel mask are made from cosmetic serums and gelatin to produce a thin-film layer that locks in moisture and sticks to your face better than microfiber mask. These options are often sold as a system with two halves applied separately.


Bio-cellulose mask consist of all natural fiber that experts consider the highest standard for hydrating skin and replenishing skin. They perform better mainly due to the snug adhesion the fiber allows to the face, maintaining the moist and nutrients through the entire application.

Clay and Charcoal

Clay and charcoal mask sheet masks, saturated with clay or charcoal and black in color, work to detoxify the skin from unwanted impurities. They often soothe the skin.

Bubbling Sheet Mask

Bubbling sheet masks work in a similar fashion bubbling mask. Made of charcoal, detoxifying nutrients, and sparkling water, foam is formed on top of the sheet mask, which is then to be massaged into skin after application. This helps to keep moisture locked into your skin afterward.

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