Hope in Times of Illness: When You Feel Worthless

Lyme Light Fight

When you get sick, there is a sudden change in your abilities. One day you are actively participating in family, work, school, and hobbies. And the next day you struggle to do the things you love. You may find your abilities lessened or even stolen completely by a silent enemy.

You may feel like a shadow of your former self. You may feel like an invalid, a cripple, a burden. You may hate the person you have become.

In these moments, remember that inside you are still the same person. Inside you still have the same soul, the same spirit. You are tired and weary now, and that is okay.

It is okay to rest when you are fighting. It is okay to accept help. It is even okay to ask for help. You are not any less of a person for needing help, you are not any less you…

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  1. That feeling can be very tormenting. But with great family around you and self power from within makes things better.
    Hope your health is fairing on well.

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    1. I received some very bad news Friday but when you have a Chronic Illness you have to expect these things. It’s not horrible but any surgery is scary to me. I am a strong woman, I’ve overcome large obstacles and today is no different.
      On an exciting note, Both Wonder Lust and Queen of Paradise are ready to ship. I made two packages each in case you want to share. I want to write each of you a note and then ship next text week. Please email your ship to address to msandorm@verizon.net or msandorm@icloud.com.
      Is there something your parents may enjoy? I have a yummy lotion or unscented lotion that’s 89% Certified Organic. I all want the family to enjoy my friendship. If not I’ll write them a nice letter about the two strong women they birthed.
      Have a great day. 🙂

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      1. This one too shall pass despite the bad news. You are strong and you will manage to get through surgery. Mum and dad will appreciate anything from a friend of their lovely daughters. And thankyou very much for all these. I will email you the address. Have a good day too and know that things will be okay.

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