The Rain and Snow Bringing You Down?

These song always lights my day. Have a great weekend. M



        1. Oh, John Mayer will never stop making music, he’s only 42? Looks like he’s has a new LP coming out. His last wasn’t that good even for a major fan. Look on Youtube and find his latest, it sounds like the John I love. His voice is awesome but he’s the next Clapton. Actually him and Clapton are best buds and Claption produces a number of his songs. Clapton said John was a genious. You listen to the long version of Gravity and you will see why. I love music, finding music, the only thing I can’t get into is this gangster wrap or rap with women pratically having sex with self on stage. Not my gig. I listen to music all the time. I even like Vivaldi, syphony music. Vivaldi is lots of violen and it’s soothing red wine relaxing music. I can rattle about music all day. 🙂 Here’s are two Brit’s you may not know I’m in love with, James Bay and Arthur James. James current albulm is a 100% change for him, not sure I’m crazy about it. Watch the video of James playing at Buddy Guy’s Legends and you will not believe the guitar work. 🙂


          1. Oh wow, so sorry! Ha ha soooo glad he is alive—because he has another huge fan!! I am so glad we crossed, as he is a star. :). Ever heard of him (weirdly) before, how big is his music carrear? Ohhh…lol, I am SOOO that same way when I fan over something (bts, lol) sonthank you for making me feel like I’m not the only “fan info loving” person out there! I really liked the “history” you write up here for me; it’s so neat when two people amazing collaborate together. Are you fan of Claption’s musci? Is it worth checking out? Ugh, yes, I have a really hard time with rap, as it is sooo, um, can I say wrong? Nowadays. Yes!! The way the women can act on or in music videos s is so disgusting, for even me as a woman myself! I wish that peo0e could make enjoyable music without all this ‘profanidy’ because I really like it, but am eh about the stuff. Really ruins the art of the music of me, imo. Oooh, I’ve always wanted to play violin, the music it makes is AMAZING! So happy I found another who’ll rattle about music with me! Wow, amazing guitar work!! This dude can play! Are you familiar, or a fan of, the more popular music makers as of right now? ie, Shawn Mendes, Camila Cambero, Brent Rivera in Thank You, Brent; Ariana Granda (I’m not a fan of her, but everyone else seems to be) Cardi B (looovveee her voice, but the videos and language cause me not to be able to listen) or Beyoncé? Any other “ledgends” I can listen to and soak in all day? ;P

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          2. I’m Clapton’s number one fan!!!!!!! I like all type of music but find some of the music all sounds the same or the artist songs sound the same. Two years ago I started checking out British bands and that was cool. Lot’s of guys now are big but not when I first heard like Ed Sheeren. Have a great day. Ii you find a positive rap song without people hunching each let me know. I like the beat just not how it’s changed from the old days. Now everyone thinks they can rap, and they get contracts then never hear from again. Have a great day.

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