On This Day In History February 28th

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‘MAS*H’ finale airs to record-smashing ratings. 1983

Nearly 106 million viewers, or 77 percent of the American TV-watching public, tune in to the last episode of the beloved series ‘MAS*H.’ After 11 seasons, the television show about a US Army medical unit serving in the Korean War lasted longer than the war itself.

Watson and Crick reveal DNA discovery  1953

Cambridge University scientists James Watson and Francis Crick announce that they’ve uncovered the double-helix structure of the DNA molecule, helping to unlock the genetic code of humans and other living things. Their breakthrough drew on the pioneering work by their former colleague, Rosalind Franklin, who had produced X-ray diffraction images of DNA, but Franklin’s contribution to the discovery of the DNA double helix will go largely unrecognized during her lifetime.

Getty Museum endowed  1982

On February 28, 1982, the J. Paul Getty Museum becomes the most richly endowed museum on earth when it receives a $1.2 billion bequest left to it by the late J. Paul Getty. The American oil billionaire died in 1976, but legal wrangling over his fortune by his children and ex-wives kept his will in probate until 1982. During those six years, what was a originally a $700 million bequest to the museum nearly doubled. By 2000, the endowment was worth $5 billion–even after the trust spent nearly $1 billion in the 1990s on the construction of a massive museum and arts education complex in Los Angeles.

Congress creates Colorado Territory  1861

With the region’s population booming because of the Pike’s Peak gold rush, Congress creates the new Territory of Colorado.

When the United States acquired it after the Mexican War ended in 1848, the land that would one day become Colorado was nearly unpopulated by Anglo settlers. Ute, Arapaho, Cheyenne, and other Indians had occupied the land for centuries, but the Europeans who had made sporadic appearances there since the 17th century never stayed for long. It was not until 1851 that the first permanent non-Indian settlement was established, in the San Luis Valley.





MARIO ANDRETTI  Auto Racing  1940  

JASON ALDEAN  Country Musician  1977

BRIAN JONES  British Musician  1942



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