What is Agoraphobia? — The Psych Talk

Agoraphobia is a very complex phobia usually manifesting itself as a collection of inter-linked conditions. For example many agoraphobics also fear being left alone (monophobia), dislike being in any situation where they feel trapped (exhibiting claustrophobia type tendencies) and fear travelling away from their ‘safe’ place, usually the home. Signs and Symptoms: Typical agoraphobia symptoms […]

via What is Agoraphobia? — The Psych Talk


  1. Well, i figure there’s extreme cases of agoraphobia, but most people who is Introverted suffer a mild form of it, and not because you panic in crowded areas, but because your energy battery becomes depleted, after too much noise, and visual stimulus, and you need a sense of privacy that your home environment gives you, a place you can relax and do as you please, and recharge your battery, experiencing peace, and tranquility. 🙂

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          1. We’ve lived in the same house for 15 years. I have some health issues which are driving the large number of appts. Until now David took off work to take me. I thought I could do three appts in a week but I didn’t make one. It did bring on some quilt like I’ve felt when depressed but there’s no room for quilt. 🙂

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