Thoughts on Job Hunting: Interview Tips

Interview Tips

If a job requires a resume, always take an extra copy. Take it out at first of interview and lay in lap. The greatest interview is being able to give examples of tasks or projects. As your interviewer doesn’t want to read what you’ve already written, give day-to-day details. If you pitched in while someone was on maternity leave to cover their duties instead of bringing in a temporary.

Don’t use negative language or say negative things about past employer or employee. use more positive words or keep your mouth shut. Like “I was ready for more responsibility and a position wasn’t available”.

Always, ask the person interviewing if they are aware of other positions in the company or other employers in the area. If they say yes, always get their complete name with the job title. You have a 50% more chance of getting an interview if referred.

Always write a thank you note, not an email, for their time and how you look forward to working with them. You can even have the card ready and drop off at the post office by job site.

If you are very shy, have closed in body language or speech very soft, you need to practice more than an anyone. I would recommend you take job interviews for jobs you don’t want so you can work on your presentation. Spend hours in front of mirrow if needed to project confidence.






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