Hermitage Museum St. Petersburg Russia

I hope you enjoy a small piece of this grand museum, The Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia

For the Love of Art

The Hermitage Museum has over three million pieces of art including the largest pieces of art in the world. You could spend a week at The Hermitage Museum and not see all the pieces of art. Reading the sentence alone gives you a perspective of the wonderland called The Hermitage Museum. I also attended a Ballet at The Hermitage Theatre, a breathtaking small yet grand theatre. Melinda

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Location38 Palace Embankment, Dvortsovy Municipal Okrug, Central District, Saint Petersburg, Russia

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In 1861, the Hermitage purchased from the Papal government part of the Giampietro Campana collection, which consisted mostly classical antiquities. These included over 500 vases, 200 bronzes and a number of marble statues. The Hermitage acquired Madonna Litta, which was then attributed to Leonardo, in 1865, and Raphael’s Connestabile Madonna in 1870. In 1884 in Paris, Alexander III of Russia acquired…

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    1. You are lucky! Make sure to have drinks or dinner a the % star Astoria Hotel. I stayed there on my trip. They were most gracious. I even got an individual caviar testing and education. There is so much to see. Of course seeing The Church of the Spilled Blood is a must. I didn’t take enough time…what a shame. I wasn’t as organized as should have been. I was at the airport leaving for Russia on 9/11 and traveled once airways were open. Everyone was so sorry for what happened to America. That was a long time ago with world politics. Have a wonderful trip. I look forward to some photos. If you don’t plan to post on your site maybe I can interview you for my Art site and showcase your photos there. As you can see I’m in love with Russia. I live in Texas, it’s a long way from home.

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      1. Thanks for getting back to me.
        My husband and will be going for 11 days. We want to see Moscow, the golden ring, Novgorod, St. Petersburg and maybe one more day trip. So much to see!
        I am studying Russian since 1,5 years, I am sure it will help out.

        I will not post pictures on my site since it’s not a travel blog but a medical site and it does not fit the theme.

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        1. What a shame you don’t have more time in St. Petersburg, you’ll need a tight schedule. Please contact me when you and husband get back, we can talk about photos you were able to take. My Art site is related to travel in that I always buy art where ever I go. The street artist by the Church of the Spilled Blood. That’s where the street vendors are and plenty of gypsys’s. I had never encountered gypsy’s before it was nerve racking how they gang up on you and suround you, I had to keep moving fast to a safer area. The laququered boxes are beautiful, I bought several from street vendors.

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