Medication Check List

How often do you update your medication checklist with all of your doctors? I make a habit of taking an updated list to every appointment. It’s up to me to keep everyone informed.

That doesn’t mean side effects or mishaps don’t happen. I fired my Lyme doctor because he prescribed medicine in a class I was already taking. In this case, drugs from that class don’t mix with another in that category. It made me Psychotic for a week, walking in circles in the house 24 hours a day, I thought I learned a new language and was with my tribe of Indians. It was a horrible experience.

It was half of my responsibility, doctors dispense too many medications to know all the side effects. My habit is to go to and read the Prescribing Instructions from the manufacturer. I can read all the side effect data and know what to look out for. In this case, I had put the medication aside for a week because I was too sick to look up the information and too stubborn to ask my husband for help. I paid the price.

We have to manage our medications along with the doctor, they only have 15 minutes at best and most of the time new prescriptions aren’t written till the end of an appointment. Read the information given by the pharmacy. The information will at least include the most common side effects and when to call the doctor.

My Psych meds can change often if a medication stops working or the dose needs adjusting, which is often the case. I’m Treatment-Resistant Bipolar 1, it is very common when starting a new medication that my Psychiatrist will have to increase the dose several times before it works or we move on to something new. I always ask him when I should start to see a difference in my mood.


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