VATIC Foundation’s Support for Trauma and PTSD


This organization is doing amazing work by helping people transition from a traumatic event. They offer support for those who suffer trauma-related symptoms and PTSD. Please visit their website, for more information.  M


After a traumatic experience, you will go through a period of transition. The Vatic Foundation backs people during the transitional phase who are wanting to start a new career or finish post-secondary education.

The heart of the VATIC Foundation is to offer a lending hand to any individual recovering from a trauma-related event/PTSD. Our foundation awards educational grants to individuals looking for a new start.

Our Aim:

Ensure new career paths are met,

Encourage participation in our community;

Contribute a positive means for coping;

Provide awareness;

Protect people from further psychological harm;

Return individuals to familiar routines;

Make sure you’re not alone after a traumatic event.

What does this mean for the VATIC Foundation?  It’s a cut-and-dried response; Our goal is to remain outspoken about mental health, trauma, PTSD, Complex-PTSD, while delivering the groundwork, strength, courage, or even the confidence we depend upon during a period of desolation.

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