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What the hey!!!!!!!!!


Have you experienced problems with Editor today? This morning both post have given me hell. The last post has not posted because it’s overlaying part of the post over the other!!!!! CRAZY.


    1. WordPress drives me crazy and they have no accountability. That’s why I blast out to Twitter how messed up they are. Doing a small part to get WP to start caring about it bloggers. Proggramers do what they needd to do without testing, we get the crap to test by complaining. The customer service people act like your crazy. What problem? on…on ….on

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    1. So glad it’s not me alone!!!!!! It’s really a mess. Everytime they make a change it screws something else up. It’s like they never test run the new system and let us work the bugs!!! I have experienced this this 2005, I want to shake them and kick them in the ass.

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          1. Me either, one day people I’m following unfollow, who knows what the next day. Complaining does no good the customer service people play totally dumb about the problems. It’s a fact of our life. I do the post to make sure WP or at least maybe knows people are complaining and for my followers to know I haven’t left them. Just chalk it up to another small thing in the big picture. 🙂

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