#SoSC Prompt for week *fall from the sky*

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “fall from the sky.” Write about anything that falls from the sky–real, imagined, or idiomatic. Have fun!
I have seen rain, hail, and tornado’s fall from the sky over the past few days. The weather trend will continue until the cold front passes. I get jacked up watching lightening, it’s so mesmerizing but it’s no longer fun when the thunder starts, especially when overhead leaving my ears ringing. I live in the DFW area of Texas, just three weeks ago hail as large as baseballs hit several large suburbs, every car window broken, house windows beaten down. People are trying all types of measures to prevent more damage to their cars. Not sure I buy into any I’ve seen. 
Many years ago the same type of weather event happened at Mayfest, a large annual festival of arts, music and beverages.  There a huge crowd, having a great time and then pouring rain. People were running to get out of the rain when the baseball-size hail started, people ran for their cars to find them pulverized. Several people were seriously injured, it was terrible.
I was home alone when it happened and had no idea clue what the noise was. I thought someone had a gun shooting at the house. The hail knocked out two skylights, two side windows and damaged roof and everything outside. I saved several pieces of hail to show the insurance adjuster just how bad the hail was. 
That’s Springtime in Texas and Tornado Alley. 

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  1. Wow, just wow. Don’t think I could handle living in tornado alley. My husband *loves* watching lightning but the lesson was drilled in too deep during childhood — I stay inside and away from windows when it storms!

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      1. It seems that May is a hot spot for severe weather in TX. We were stuck at the DFW airport a few years ago, as there was blizzard conditions and the planes were grounded. That was pretty unusual.

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      1. We’re here in Lubbock. I was in the F5 tornado that hit us in 1970. I’ll probably post my story again, as I do every anniversary of that terrible day, on the 11th of May.

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        1. Holy mackerel!!!!! You and your family were very lucky. I’ve been fourtunate to have them pass by close but never hit. Except when I was a child a small one hit our neighborhood. I was afraid of The Tornado Man after that. I’ve been to Lubbok once for a Journalism contest in high school. 🙂

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      2. The beauty of TX! You said it…and we do have a beautiful state, with so much diversity in weather and otherwise. We’ve been to Plano before, too, as we have good friends who live there. It’s been a long time ago, though. We have friends in McKinney, too. Well, north, east, south & west, we know people or have lived there. haha! Very nice to meet you here! 🙂
        I’m glad your family were okay after the tornado came visiting back then…Tornado Man! Oh my, I’d be scared, too!

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  2. Wow! That sounds scary. I love watching and feeling the energy of a storm from a safe place, but not when it’s severe like that. I hope things are calmer now and that April showers bring May flowers.

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    1. and my May flowers are growing nicely. The Fire Orange Lily’s are about to pop, I love the color. It’s also great they come back every year. I’m now into succulents and have five planters to give them a try. Some have beautiful flowers but mine are staying inside. 🙂

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