Being Bullied Thru Junior High

I was always the odd kid out, didn’t make friends easy, would only have one friend at a time, lied to get attention and cut myself to see who cared.

When you’re abused as a child you keep your world silent, I told no one, that’s the key reason I didn’t want to have friends. My step-father was a drunk so I couldn’t invite friends over, I didn’t want to get close to someone and share my secret.

Junior High is a tumultuous time for all teens, trying to figure out who we are, soon going to eight grade and being the rookie again.

I hated myself, when your abused everyday and called names that are horrible, it’s easy to believe overtime the evil thrown at you is real.

In sixth grade, I tried drugs and spent every morning across from the school huffing paint. Any escape worked for me no matter how small.

I walked home and provided a great target for bullies. First is was pushing, calling me a slut and anything else a sixth grader could come up with. It escalated to a dangerous level when a rumor started that I made fun of my best friend that had a cleft palate. We were friends from birth, they lived next door.

Kids would come from behind, hit me over the head with a coke bottle, throw rocks at me and pushing me to the ground. It then escalated to a fight in her backyard with thirty of my classmates looking on. I didn’t fight back, it would do no good, just took what was dished out. She pushed me down and my head hit the side of the pool, I was bleeding.

This was going to be hard to hide from my mother, a scratch on my face and a bleeding head. I looked quietly for the supplies to fix myself only to get caught. I was so humiliated, my drunk step-father went over to their house and was going to kick her dad’s ass. This is one example of why my pain physical and mental was hidden from the world. I didn’t even tell my grandparents.

Bullying happens everyday via social media and pressures at school. It may look different but the pain of bullying still hurts and cuts very deep. Stay close to your children and who and what they are doing on social media.




  1. This is why we believe it is so important to start the conversation about bullying and its impacts early. Ad early as 3rd grade.
    We have started a kickstarter campaign for our book Harry Hamster and the Bullies of the Dark forest. Take a look when you have a
    second, your support would mean the world.

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  2. Oh Melinda, this hurt my heart to read. Children can be incredibly, brutally cruel. For a long time I didn’t relate what happened to me as being bullied as a lot was verbal and psychological, with odd physical things; a cricket ball to the shin, pushed down concrete steps), and although I had some abusive emails which started the whole thing off, I’m grateful the internet was still in its infancy. It’s hard to talk about at the time, and even now it’s not all that easy. It makes those years painful when they should be enjoyable and a time to grow. I’m so sorry you had to go through everything you did, but you should be proud for sharing some of your story. People need to be more aware of what may be going on but not spoken about.. xx


    1. Thanks for your comments my friend. Yes, you were bullied and since it went on around us we might not have given it much thought. I’ve been through many worse things in my life but they all hurt in their own way. Have a great day. Hugs. 🙂


  3. I went through bullying at school, and work when I was younger. It is much worse now for children and young people because of social media they have no escape.
    I don’t know why humans are so inhumane to eachother.💜💜


    1. The Internet makes shaming so easy, just like me kids don’t have to do anything to start the exchange of words. I’ve been stalked several times, only once through the Internet. The Internet stalking was far worse, more invasive. I was scared to death. Have a great day. 🙂


    1. Life is tough for kids, there are so many kids who are abused who are silent. That’s what breaks my heart. I survived but don’t know how. God had other plans. I made it hard, falling so far into to drugs and pulled by the lifestyle. My grandparents saved me.

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  4. Thank you for your courage to share these difficult memories, Melinda. I’m so sorry this happened – the bullying and the abuse that no one deserves. Junior high school is difficult enough even without the abuse. I’m very thankful you made it through and hope you know how valuable you were and are. I’m sending love and hugs to that girl you were and the strong, wise woman you are now.

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        1. Are you having mixed emotions about your parent’s house? It was hard for me to sell but they lived in a really bad neighborhood. If the house was somewhere else I may have considered renting in order to keep the old house. You have been through so much with the storm, your parent’s house, rebuilding your house and moving back in. That’s a lot of pressure for one to take. Hugs. 🙂

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          1. I appreciate your understanding, Melinda. I think that having all this time to process will make it easier to sell. I don’t want to live in that city. Part of me will be sad, but a bigger part is ready. Thanks for helping me clarify this!

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