Today in History May 23rd


A stolen Ford Deluxe is met with a hail of bullets as it passes an ambush of lawmen lying in wait on a rural highway in Louisiana’s Bienville Parish. Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow’s car is hit by 130 rounds, and the FBI’s most wanted criminals are brought down after a 2-year manhunt.


The Who release the double-album rock opera ‘Tommy’—the story of a ‘deaf, dumb, and blind’ boy who finds redemption through pinball and becomes a spiritual leader. The album will go on to sell tens of millions of copies and be adapted as a film and a stage musical.


Tom Petty defies his record label and files for bankruptcy


Drew Carey 1958

Joan Collins 1933

Maxwell 1973

Douglas Fairbanks 1883


    1. My granny and her brother’s grew up with Bonnie and Clyde. I enjoy every story there is. My uncle was a crime lord as well. Back then it was slot machines. Thank you taking the time to comment. I love looking back. It was also a great music day!

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    1. They were a pair, I never get old of the story. They grew up with my grannny and her brother’s. My granny would sit on the counter as a young girl in Clyde’s mother store. When you grew up in West Dallas, where all the poor people lived, plenty of trouble can be found. I have an article if my uncle robbing a grocery store and getting caught, I don’t remember his punishment. I love a good mafia story. 🙂

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          1. I think so, my affection for crime started early and I’m totally fasicinate​d by the mafia. Today more for the Russian Costa Nostra. I could tell who were with the mob while in Russia because they were having lunch around 3:00 with a young ​honey, no one is the resturant ​but me. One guy very well dressed, came in close to my table and said AMERICAN, I just smille​d at him. In another life if such a thing I want to be a crime boss wife! You now know how totally crazy I am.

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