As an Ambassador for the U.S. Pain Foundation I invite you to read the latest issue of Invisible Project. Melinda Sandor Ambassador-Texas U.S. Pain Foundation

June 3, 2019/ U.S. Pain Foundation/ 0 Comments

In time for Migraine & Headache Awareness Month, U.S. Pain Foundation has released its third edition of the INvisible Project focusing on headache and migraine diseases. The publication depicts the reality of life with pain, and why people living with headaches diseases need and deserve more help, treatment options, and research. It also serves as an inspiration to those living with the disease, offering hope and resources.

The magazine features profiles of 10 inspiring individuals, including:

  • Danielle Byron Henry: On March 24, 1999, at age 17, Danielle took her own life due to migraine disease; a life lost to unbearable pain from a serious neurological condition. In 2019, her family observed the 20th anniversary of her passing. The family honors Danielle’s life and legacy through the Danielle Byron Henry Migraine Foundation, which was formed in 2016. The foundation provides support and care for all those with migraine disease.
  • Tom Sayen: Since the age of 17, Tom has lived with blinding headache pain. It took 48 years, and endless nights of unbearable pain, for him to find the correct diagnosis of cluster headaches.  He has become an advocate, ensuring that all individuals living with cluster headache are provided with the necessary education and treatment.
  • Melissa Carlson Kelly: Melissa serves as Chief of Staff for a congressman in the U.S. House of Representatives. Using her position to advocate for workplace accommodations and reduced stigma for Americans suffering with migraine disease, Melissa is determined to thrive despite chronic migraine..

The magazine also includes articles from key opinion leaders covering the importance of clinical studies, understanding CGRP and medications in the pipeline, and breaking down stigma.  In addition, one spotlight shares information about each member of CHAMP (the Coalition For Headache And Migraine Patients), and what the organizations are doing to support those living headache diseases. A language glossary guide as well as a resource section round out the edition.

May 21 also kicked off this year’s INvisible Project state house tour at the Rhode Island state capitol. The event featured displays with stories and photos of the individuals in the most recent edition, along with resources and information for interested members of the public and policymakers.

To read the stories in this issue, visit the INvisible Project website. To request a print copy, email your mailing address and the amount of magazine copies you would like to: THE LATEST ISSUE

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