Chronic Pain: Swimming Therapy


Most people don’t think of Mental Illness when discussing Chronic Pain. Mental Illness can be physically debilitating with many spending large amounts of time in bed. For someone like me who is challenged by both, daily life can be difficult. Today I’m in bed juggling my laptop on one knee trying to avoid the pain screaming on the left side of my body.

Pool Shade

Over the holiday weekend my husband installed a pool shade so I can swim and get exercise without burning to a crisp lobster. They are very inexpensive and easy to install. He bought the sail on Amazon for less than $50.

One of the therapies the Pain Management doctor suggested was swimming and water exercises. Every other day I spend 30-45 minutes with my water noodle paddling around and doing basic exercises. I have noticed a difference in the muscles not used in ages.

I work on my shoulders by doing wide arm paddling, leg scissors for my back and hips, tiptoes for calves, stretching my back out till it hurts, and lunges. After spending years in bed I’m building stamina for the good days ahead.

Doing exercises in the water puts less resistance on the body which can help injuries. I’m rehabilitating my knee and it’s much easier than walking up and down the stairs repeatedly.

It helps my mental health by getting away from all the noise, I watch the butterflies and see how my flowers are growing. I work on meditating to keep my head clear. I’m also getting Vitamin D from the sun.




  1. Your pool looks amazing! The shade is a great idea, and it’s great the swimming helps mentally & physically. I was recommended getting in a pool, too, though I don’t have the energy for swimming just gentle movements in water I think can be wonderfully soothing.xxxx

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    1. I don’t swim, just float with my water noodle, do what exercise I can that day. Floating feels so good and the quite really makes the difference. The past three days have been hell, a month ago my left leg basically didn’t want to walk and it was in extreme pain. I thought it was a fluke, no three days ago my leg starts the same thing. I can rest but my dogs don’t! I finally started another Facebook page, are you on there? If so please tell me how to friend you. I’m a Facebook virgin, LOL!

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      1. Yikes, I really hope your leg eases up and starts behaving itself a bit better soon. With it going away and coming back, as awful as that is, at least it suggests it should be temporary again this time (desperately trying to find a silver lining there, isn’t easy!) Floating with the noodle is a good idea. I love that term, ‘water noodle’ 😊 I’m – I’m still rubbish with Twitter and find FB easier, but pretty much just use it for my blog rather than personal stuff these days. You’ll get the hang of it, but let me know if there’s anything you’re unsure of as I’m always willing to help (or at least try and pretend like I know what I’m talking about) xx

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        1. I’m looking for the silver lining but my mind is having a hard time with it. I have questioned in my head if I have MS. After my surgery on 7/8 I plan to see a Neurologist. I have a device in my chest so I can’t have MRI’s so to get the best photos I need a PET Scan. I’ll be glad to have some answers and put it behind me or deal with it. I’ve been having problems with my legs for almost two years. Today my back has decided to join the party.
          I was just on Facebook, hopefully I’ll be able to find you. Talk to you soon.

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  2. Your pool area is beautiful Melinda! Water exercise can be so helpful for those of us with chronic pain. It allows us to do things we might not be able to do on land. The shade idea is brilliant too! I’m glad you’re able to get out and enjoy the sun and water without getting burned.

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