1. These are good! The second one describes my brain at the moment, like turbulent water with too much going on in there & absolutely no clarity! 😂
    Is it really hot where you are too, or is that further south than you? It’s pretty miserable in the UK, grey skies & rain and quite chilly. Make sure you stay hydrated, too, and get plenty of rest over the weekend if you can xxxx

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    1. I’m feeling better after talking with my Pain Mgt doctor yesterday about other no perscription options. I’m going to test a device that uses leads attached to what looks like a pacemaker and your spine. The trail is using the leads and attaching the device on outside of body​ for a week to see if works. I’m very excited. Have you ever tried Ketamine treatments for pain.​ I’m on my second one and not seeing much difference, the doctor said it could be I am but my pain is so high I can’t notice a difference. Have a great weekend.

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      1. I’ve not tried Ketamine – I’m sorry it doesn’t seem to be helping you, I know things work differently for everyone so it sounds like you may need to try something else. The pacemaker style device sounds interesting, is it like a nerve stimulator? I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you when you get to trial it out! xx

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