Side Effect Indunced Illnesses

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All drugs, prescription, over the counter and holistic have side effects, short and long term side effects. One important fact to know is holistic, supplements and over the counter drugs are not put thru clinical trials or FDA supervised. Basically, these products can make any claim, true or false and it’s not backed by the FDA.

I’m not saying don’t take, I’m saying take with caution the way you should with prescription drugs. Short term side effects are ones that usually go away after taking, other short term side effects might not go away and you have to decide if you can continue to take. Long term side effects can happen anytime after taking the drug for a certain time period. There is no way to no how long that time period is.


Over the counter: diet drugs, cough and sinus medicine, Tylenol and baby aspirin.

Holistic/Supplements: Saint Johns Wart (which in many cases should not be taken with Psych medications.)

My experiences with long term side effects are from taking prescriptions Dexedrine and Lithium for over 20 years.

Dexedrine is basically speed, it’s a stimulant not dished out often. I’m Treatment-Resistant Bipolar 1 which means I suffer from depression more than mania. My depression is so bad Dexedrine is needed to keep me performing normally.

The long term side effect of Dexedrine is Mitral Valve failure. It’s a dangerous side effect but I could not live today without it.

Lithium is the foundation of all my Psych medications. Some people who are Bipolar only have to take Lithium to balance their moods. It’s most often the first medication prescribed for Bipolar Disorder.

There are many long term side effects from Lithium, for me, its tumors on all four Parathyroids and two tumors on Thyroid. Though there is no way to know for sure Lithium caused my tumors although it is a long term side effect. I’m having surgery on 7/8/19 to remove the tumors from both Parathyroids and Thyroid.

Know what your taking, know the side effects, short and long term before making a decision to take or give to children.



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