Make Your Own Sea Salt Spray

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What you’ll need

8-10 ounce Glass Spray Bottle

1 cup of warm water

1-2 tsp. sea salt or Epson salt

1 tbsp. coconut oil, Aragon oil or 1/2 of each less for oily hair

4-5 drops essential oil of your choice: mint, lavender, rosemary or lemon are good options.


In a measuring cup, add the water, salt, argan or coconut oils, and essential oils. Stir well to mix.

Pour mixture into your spray bottle and shake it for a minute or two.

Spray liberty to towel dried hair and scrunch up your hair. Let your hair air dry for some extra texture and beach waves.


      1. yeah – I would rinse it too – :0
        and the sinus rinse from bulletproof comes to mind –
        it uses sea salt, xylitol, and couple drops of iodine in a bowl and then you dip your face in it and snort up (gently) a little bit of water into the sinus and it works so well. I also found out that this formula is great on the skin –
        guess it is the powerful benefits of sea salt

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          1. The very tiny drop dog iodine (i use lugols) is for an antiseptic but it also has the hung bonus of feeding your thyroid and can help if someone has radiation
            – my son – who is really into fitness – herd Kessler (awesome smart dude) suggest drinking a glass of water with three drops of iodine – one glass per week – for health!
            And for some of us – iodine is life saving and many of us have been exposed to radiation from dentist or doc xrays – or been exposed from food without knowing if –
            And there is a lot of hype about overdoing iodine but a person would have to keep taking it for long time – further – because most food sources don’t have enough absorbable iodine it can do wonders to supplement – my good online friend – mr common sense aka mike
            – used isodoryl and did I – but again – I am willing to try things because sadly our current mainstream healthcare is Medicare and do surgery – the docs are also unhealthy themselves and so….
            All that to say don’t be afraid of some healing and life giving iodine –

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          2. I agree – and sometimes what works for someone else does not do anything for us… other times it is amazing what we find –
            Thanks again for the idea to make the salt spray

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