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Chinese astronomers spot a “guest star” in the sky, so brilliant it can be seen in the daytime. It will remain visible for some two years, be observed in Asian, Arab, and possibly American lands, and later be identified as the SN 1054 supernova that births the Crab Nebula pulsar.



The 13 American colonies throw off British rule as Philadelphia’s Continental Congress announces a new nation made up of united states. The anniversary of this Declaration of Independence, ratified one year into the Revolutionary War, will continue to be celebrated in the US as Independence Day.



Alice Liddell, 10, asks Charles Dodgson to tell her a story while they’re boating near Oxford, England. He weaves a tale of a bored little girl who suddenly finds herself down a rabbit hole. Dodgson will later publish ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland‘ under his pen name, Lewis Carroll.


A plane departing Tel Aviv is hijacked and lands in Uganda, where Palestinian terrorists threaten to kill passengers unless demands are met. Under cover of darkness, Israeli commandos rush the airport and rescue most of the hostages in a 90-minute lightning raid, Operation Entebbe.


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