Get your Money for Nothing

If you’ve watched daytime television you’ve heard every get rich quick scheme, start your own business and make $3,000 this month………I’m getting off track. I enjoy making money! I keep it simple by making money on purchases I’m already making. There are tons of apps that do coupons, check prices and anything imaginable if you want to be a SUPER SHOPPER.

I use two apps, and Both are installed in my browser and recognize when I shop at one of their partners. An pop-up ask you to activate by clicking and it shows % on sale received on purchase. is my long-term favorite, it’s easy and they partner with all the places I shop. To date I’ve earned approximately $600. pays out every quarter for your previous purchases. The big money days are when their partners offer double percent back and 10% days make me very happy. Small sales add up over the year. works based on finding coupon codes for your purchase. It runs thru a long list of coupon codes to see if one applies. You’ll see a pop up that says there are coupons codes. You click and it does it trick. I have not used very long but received free shipping on several purchases.

If you are a Prime Member at you have a world of free goodies offered movies, bookes…..on and on. I rely on since I don’t drive and Prime Members get two-day free shipping.

The best discovery I’ve made is the Amazon Prime Member Card. It’s a credit card that can only be used at, it’s offered with no fees. You receive 5% back on every purchase you make on WOW!!!!!

To give my husband down time on weekends, we get our groceries delivered. Prime Members get free delivery. The amount of time saved has surprised him, the money has brought a smile to my face. The grocery section is Amazon Fresh, they have thousands of products including fresh bread.

Another up side to the delivery Amazon Fresh uses frozen bottled water to keep items cold. Each week we receive 6-8 bottles of water free.

If you really want to save money, work all the coupon apps and be a Super Shopper. You have to be organized to handle that many coupons and will need lots of extra storage space.

Happy Shopping!



  1. Morning i think i survived one of the worse storms we have had in UK the thunder was direct over head at one point and itried not to react as my poor doglet i could feel her shivering next to me scared. The heat and humidity was horrendous, and i tried to sleep but i hate having a fan in my room. Which of course I got off amazon. Anyway great post. I use HOney i had no idea what it was until it would bounce up in front of me saying discounts are available. I aslo get award points which go to pay my electric, gas, phone etc. At one point i earnt nearly 10.00 lol, and thought oh heck i must be buying too much. it was at the time when i was moving home and needed to buy stuff for my new house. I got money for buying stuff to pay for my services which was great as that month i had to pay quite a bit less in fact my mobile cost was free. I also get reward bonus for shopping with the same supermarket however, if another one offers me it i go for it and swap about.

    I use amazon prime, we get next day delivery in UK. I not sure they do amazon fresh i am going to have a look and thanks for the heads up about their card as i do buy a lot of stuff from amazon as i rarely go out, and its easy to shop. I dont buy stuff i dont need. I also bulk buy the stuff i use regularly. as long as i have made money.

    I love a challenge. they do a delivery saver on my supermarket. I shop for wednesday as its cheaper anyway and only costs me 1.00 if i choose any slot which is usual the one which is for one hour slot.

    Iceland do free delivery over 40.00 so i wait to buy any frozen stuff and when i have accumulated enough needs I will buy from them and save delivery charge. I look at it this way why pay over 4.00 for delivery, I can buy a chicken and veg for that in tesco or sainsbury.

    Oh yes Visa too offer rewards but they are usually for holidays and stuff i dont use.

    Yes if your careful you can save money. there is another one in uk i keep forgetting to activate it. I have made money on that my sisters makes a ton of money as she uses it for travel and is lucky to travel at least 2 or 3 times a year, but it is worth using its just my brain forgets.

    going to have a look at that amazon visa card. thanks for that tip.

    Have a nice day. I feel awful what a night, i am so glad i dont live in a really hot hot country i would never survive. xxxx

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