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306 CE

Constantine I is proclaimed leader of Rome’s western empire and he will go on to lay the groundwork for the Byzantine Empire, found the nexus of global power in Constantinople, and become known as Constantine the Great, one of history’s most profound game changers.


Launching a land offensive in the Puerto Rican Campaign, the United States lands 1,300 US infantry soldiers at Puerto Rico’s Guánica Harbor, where they find no resistance. American forces will secure the island in a month’s time, and Spain will cede Puerto Rico to the US as the Spanish-American War ends.


Bob Dylan feels like changing things up at the premier showcase of his musical genre, the Newport Folk Festival. The 24-year-old takes the stage with an electric guitar and a rock band, and as an amplified version of ‘Maggie’s Farm‘ blasts out, popular music is changed forever.


England’s Lesley and John Brown welcome Louise Joy, their newborn daughter and the world’s first child conceived with the help of what will later be called ‘in vitro fertilization,’ or IVF. Although the press dubs Louise a ‘test-tube baby,’ she was in fact conceived in a petri dish.


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