Mini Me Health Update

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My Parathyroid surgery was July 8th and I’m healing nicely. The surgeon found quite a surprise, I had five Parathyroids instead of four. She said it was rare. I hope that translates to feeling all the better. She is getting my calcium levels adjusted and it was painful in the beginning with cramping legs and numb fingers.

It’s not what you take, it’s what you leave at home! Hospital don’t have to make all of your medicines available to you when you stay over. Either check with the hospital to see what on your list is not available or guess that the most expensive and newest ones won’t be available. That’s a crap shoot but it has worked.

I didn’t plan on staying in the hospital so I didn’t give any consideration to what meds I needed, boy was that a mistake. They didn’t have three of the meds I’m addicted to and it set off a mini withdrawal for two days.

Thank you for reading, your a good friend and I appreciate you. Have a great day. Drink plenty of water and get in the a/c or shade often to avoid overheating.



  1. I’m glad things are going smoothly since, but it must have been a nightmare not having the meds you usually take when you end up on a lengthier stay than planned. Interesting about the Parathyroids, did she give any indication as to why you have one more than usual, or is it just ‘one of those things’? You’re special!
    Rest up lovely and I hope things go onwards and upwards xxxx

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    1. The Parathyroid thing was rare, as I said God gave me more. HAHAHA! I knew about the meds but truly didn’t think I’d stay over. How is your pain level? Take good care and have a self care ritual today. Do a mask or a warm bath with essential oil. Easiest is a foot soak with oil, much less to clean up. πŸ™‚

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          1. I told David to let me talk with him and see if he changes his tune but he knows better. I gave my gramps crap every time he had an old man moment. He still didn’t listen but I felt better than leaving what I thought on the inside.


          2. At least you tried. Some people will appear to not listen and then maybe consider the suggestions when you’re not there. I did that as a teenager. Maybe old folks (older than me) get like teenagers in some ways.

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