Where Oh Where Did My ReBlog Button GO?

Why does the REBLOG button not work so often? How can it work for months and then decide not to work for a day or even a week?

I’m venting as usual, the REBLOG button matters to me because I have a community Blog and the only way we upload new content is through REBLOGGING.

Thanks for allowing me to vent. Contacting the engineers do no good. Most times they know of the problem but have no solution to offer, OR I get the answer it has to do with Safari. There are millions of Mac OS users so using the Safari answer gets a good laugh. Why in the hell can’t WordPress keep a simple function working?



          1. It is messed up for sure, one day it works thru share and the next day it doesn’t work. Gavin sent me the way he does it but when I tried the share button all it reblog is the title and not the post. Typical.


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