Naturally Treating Aches with Essential Oils

Willow and Sage by Stampington

Essential oils can be used to soothe and help heal many ailments, and they are a great resource for relieving pain. Specific oils treat certain types of pain naturally without causing uncomfortable side effects that sometimes come with medications. Here we’ve broken down which oils are best to use when targeting each type of pain. Make sure to properly dilute the essential oil with a carrier oil before applying to skin.


Wen dealing with jaw point pain, combine wintergreen and lavender essential oils to utilize the analgesic effects and help ease muscle tension.


This pain often stems from strain or prolonged sitting. Try using chamomile, lavender, and frankincense essential oils for their anti-inflammatory benefits.


To help ease nerve pain, it’s best to use essential oils with anti-inflammatory properties to reduce swelling, such as eucalyptus essential oil.


This type of pain can stem from various causes like inflammation or menstral cramps and it’s ideal to use ginger, wintergreen, thyme, or lavender essential oils for relief.


To naturally reduce inflammation and increase blood flow, apply a combination of lavender, frankincense, and wintergreen essential oils.


Weather growing pains or extended use fatigue, try rosemary essential oil to reduce swelling and wintergreen essential oil to increase blood flow.


Rosemary, wintergreen, ginger, and frankincense essential oils are best for treating swollen knee joints.


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