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Seven professors will teach 50 midshipmen in Annapolis, Maryland, as the Naval School, later known as the United States Naval Academy, begins its first term. Commodore Matthew Perry has helped plan the five-year curriculum, with the first and last year taught on land, and the middle three at sea.


The building of railways by foreign powers in China stokes nationalistic fervor, and unfair financial gain for those same foreign powers leads to violent protests. Today’s Wuchang Uprising will start the Xinhai Revolution, the overthrow of more than 2 millennia of imperial rule.


The drama starring Elizabeth TaylorRock Hudson, and James Deandebuts, telling the tumultuous story of a Texas ranching family. It marks Dean’s third and final big-screen role, as he had died in a car accident a year earlier after completing work on the film.


The paramilitary group Front de libération du Québec is demanding independence for Canada’s primarily French-speaking province of Quebec and has already kidnapped British Trade Commissioner James Cross. Now its members kidnap Quebec’s Labour Minister, Pierre Laporte, ratcheting up tensions in this ‘October Crisis.


    1. Thanks. I’ve come to realize that some countries will always have unrest and America needs to stop trying to referee. We are bleeding our country dry with wars that go nowhere and won’t. The Arabs have been fighting for over two thousand years. Of course when they fly planes into blds and kill thousands of people we can’t sit back. I worry where all this unrest is taking us in the next six months. Hope things are a bit better in the UK.


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