Domestic Violence thru the eyes of a Child

Tears started my day, who knows what triggered the thought of this post and song.  M

Original post 4/26/2015

young sick looking me
I feel the pain but know I have to smile.

I witnessed my mother beat emotionally and physically everyday, it created chaos in my young mind. A tornado burned a hole in my heart. I couldn’t understand the feelings of pain when abused and watching abuse. Child abuse leaves a deep scar in my heart. During a conversation, a friend expressed fear over how the high conflict divorce was impacting the kids. A volcano erupted in me, I survived Domestic Violence and had no idea. I thank Army of Angels for being a friend. My eyes were opened during our conversation. The video is heartbreaking, beautiful and hopeful. 

XO  Warrior


    1. All you can do be there, offer to talk if you see an entrance and possible need and set the example now by moving forward with your life. You have to resolve your past enough to flourish now. It’s not an easy task and that’s why the reward is so great. I know your kids will be proud of you. Melinda


  1. Thanks for sharing. Very interesting!

    Reading the post reminds of when domestic violence begin…..The first violent act in human history was an incident of domestic violence involving two brothers, Cain and Abel – Genesis 4:8
    Ever since then, mankind has been plagued with all manner of domestic violence. There are husbands who batter wives, wives who attack husbands, parents who cruelly beat their young children, and grown children who abuse their elderly parents.


  2. I am so sorry for what you went through, I can only imagine how difficult that is for an adult, let alone a child. I consider myself very lucky for having no experience with domestic violence. I wish I could take away those scars and the hurt for you. Sending hugs  ♥
    Caz xxxx

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  3. Children are affected greatly! I had people tell me how resilient children were to adversity- that’s not true! It changes their development and affects mental health and personality. I am so glad our paths crossed❤️

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