Today In History

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Sheffield is a goliath of steel manufacturing in South Yorkshire, England, and now claims the world’s first football team, as Nathaniel Creswick and William Prest meet to form the Sheffield Football Club. The sport will kick around Britain awhile before scoring worldwide popularity.


The United Nations charter, written earlier in the year at a conference in San Francisco, takes effect. The first meetings of the General Assembly and Security Council will take place the following January in London. The New York headquarters will be completed in 1952.


His studio cuts can be mind-blowing, but James Brown and his fans know there’s nothing like seeing the R&B dynamo live, fronting his Famous Flames. When a recording of tonight’s session at the Apollo Theater in Harlem is released as an album, it will rocket up the charts.


A lucky South Carolina resident takes the top Mega Millions prize of $1.537 billion (or a lump sum payout of $877.8 million), the largest lottery prizeever won by an individual. As South Carolina is one of only six states whose laws permit jackpot winners to accept the prize anonymously, the winner’s identity remains a mystery.


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