Yoga For Chronic Pain An Interactive Class And Q&A

Dear pain warriors,

You’ve probably heard of yoga before and thought to yourself “there’s no way I could do that!” 
But you may not realize that there is a style or type of yoga for every level and ability. Gentle yoga, for example, is perfect for individuals with chronic pain and disability. There are plenty of options and modifications–you can even participate sitting in a chair!

We’re excited to offer you a chance to explore yoga from the comfort of your home on Tuesday, Jan. 21, at 1 pm EST during a free interactive class and live Q&A with Ryan Drozd, a yoga instructor and wellness expert. Drozd lives with chronic pain himself, so he’s well-versed in helping find movements that are right for you and your body. Register now >> We hope you can join us live, but if not, all of our webinars are recorded and posted within a few days on our website

If you have questions, email If you have specific concerns about the safety of yoga for your health situation, please check in with your health care provider.

Emily Lemiska
Director of Communications
U.S. Pain Foundation
U.S. Pain Foundation | 
670 Newfield Street 
Suite B 
Middletown, CT 06457 


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