Can A Spine Stimulator Stop Chronic Pain?

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After working with a Pain Management doctor for six months he’s determined I’m a good candidate for a Spine Stimulator. It works by leads placed in your mid-back attached to the implanted stimulation device, the stimulation disrupts the pain signals to the brain thus relieving the pain. I had my psychological evaluation yesterday and now waiting for insurance approval. My hope is to have the trial surgery in early February. 




  1. Wow, things are moving fast after you get the go-ahead. I’ve not had this done myself and don’t know anyone personally that has, but I know as a device it can get some good feedback. The main thing is if it can be relatively easily removed if it causes any problems. Hoping obviously that it doesn’t and that it can be of benefit, how amazing would that be! My fingers are very much crossed for you lovely. Keep us updated on how you get on with getting it approved by insurance and getting a date to have it implanted  ♥
    Caz xx

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    1. Hi Caz
      The implant in very common here for pain releif so I’m confident it will provide me some, I’m not expecting 100%, any releif is great with me. I would think this implant is available where you are. The implant is very easy to implant and to take out if needed. Sounds like you are having some good days! YEAH!!!!!! Hugs. 🙂

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  2. I’ve been listening to dr Joe Dispenza’s talks on Lewis Howes YouTube channel often. Dr Joe has been explaining the mechanism of pain scientifically and how to release them. Since I started to practice this formula I feel so much better and happier. I hope it works for you as well xx

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