#WATWB Teacher Moved to Tears By Students Pooling Money to Replace His Stolen Shoes

We Are The World Blogfest in white


By Good News Network – Jan 31, 2020

A group of middle schoolers from Bellevue, Nebraska is being praised across social media after they rallied together to surprise their teacher with a new pair of shoes.

Earlier this month, Logan Fontenelle Middle School teacher Trey Payne was heartbroken to discover that his favorite pair of sneakers had been stolen out of his classroom.

Since the shoes were also rather expensive, Payne’s students were particularly upset over the theft.

The students then pooled their money in order to surprise their teacher with a brand new pair of replacement shoes—and Payne could hardly contain his emotions.

In a video which has since been shared thousands of times across social media, Payne can be seen opening the shoebox and then promptly bursting into tears.

“It’s more than a pair of shoes, it’s about doing things to build everyone up around you,” said Payne. “I try to show my kids this and I think the lesson has sunk in for many, in turn, reaffirming my purpose and my ideals.”

(WATCH the tear-jerking video below)

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