Hemp Trails

I’ve been using CBD oil, sprays, gummies, gels caps, and vaping for several years. I can’t say that I’ve noticed a difference in my pain. It’s hard to say since pain changes day to day.

So, I decided to buy bulk Hemp buds and rolled smokes.

The first thing I did was smoke one of the rolled smokes, easy, just me and a lighter. It’s scary how quickly I was holding the smoke just like I held my cigarettes. I sat outside enjoying the fresh air getting some Vitamin D and smoking. No smoking allowed in the house.

The first thing I noticed is the acid feelings in my lungs like when I smoked cigarettes. I don’t know what I expected but I quess my mind went back to my pot smoking days, I don’t recall those days being so harsh on the lungs. Maybe age has a big difference.

I looked around at what to buy for smoking and decided on a pipe, good ole grandpa pipe. The package came with filters, pipe cleaners, tool to clean ashes out of and screens for the bottom of pipe.

This morning I took the pipe and put two clumps of hemp in there and went outside for fresh air and a smoke. I was surprised how long the buds lasted, I didn’t break them down, I just put straight into pipe.

The smoke in the lungs was a little better but not enough to convince me to continue to smoke after this purchase is complete. I’ll be going back to oils, gel caps, sprays and vaping. My mind is still open and look forward to the day Texas legalizes majaruana, but hell may freeze over before that happens.



  1. How did smoking hemp work in your body?
    I just started Low Dose Naltrexone at 1ml. Today is day 3. I am also having a pain flair that started several days ago. I am feeling hopeful because it seems to be helping.

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