Looking for the Light is under construction

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I’ve had the same theme for years and frankly it’s growing old. I’m looking for something that better fits my personality and offers the functionality we are all looking for.

This is where your help is critical, I need feed back on what you would like to see, what widgets, functionality, content, you name it. I’m going for an all out explosion.

I’ve taken the Twitter feed off the page, I had it up there as a resource. Everyday I go and retweet post I feel you would be interested in seeing. Not many of you commented on its usefulness.

I want to give a special shout out to the 4,200+ Twitter followers, you have taught me so much, given me great feedback and support.

I don’t say it often enough but thank you to my WordPress followers. Thank you for sharing your stories, commenting and being great friends. I’ve come to know many of you throughout the years and I value our relationship.

Let’s hear it, the good, bad and ugly!

You’ll see me change themes several times until I can settle on “the one”.

Thanks for all your help!!!!!!!



  1. You have a LOT of Twitter followers, that’s awesome. And I think a blog refresh is a good idea, not because I didn’t like the old style (because I did) but because it can be quite rejuvenating to have a change and shake things up a bit. I quite like this contemporary, airy vibe with the black and white, with more white space. It also makes it easier to read and to see what’s what. Some links at the top to social pages might be helpful (I hate giving feedback when I feel like I’m being critical, I don’t mean to sound critical!) 🙂
    Caz xx

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    1. You could never be too critical! Thanks for the feedback, I’ll look to see if this theme allows for social media at top. I like the light feeling. The only area I don’t like is the recent post, it seems like the run together. I’m thinking about replacing it with a category cloud. I need to do a lot of editing on my categories but it looks cool having the cloud near the archives. 🙂 I go by Melinda but when I tried to set up an account as Melinda it locked me out and never gave me a reason. I dislike Facebook!

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