Quitting Alcohol After A Difficult Lockdown

The sudden onset of the pandemic has literally shaken the entire world and what we consider “normal”, and living through these strange times has taken its toll financially, physically, and mentally. It’s only human to turn to something to help cope through difficult times. Some may have turned to comfort food, smoking, drugs, or even alcohol. If you feel like you’ve used alcohol as a crutch and want to kick the habit, then you’ve taken the first step into kicking the habit, well done! Take a look at how you can quit alcohol after a challenging lockdown.

Photo by Taryn Elliott on Pexels.com

Speak to your GP

Your first call with any health issues should always be your GP as they’ll be able to help refer you to the right place to help begin your road to recovery. They will also be able to give you advice on your mental well-being and how you can get yourself in the right mindset to achieve your goal of quitting alcohol. It might be a wise idea to ask for some tests to make sure you haven’t done any long-term damage to your body too.

Know the facts!

Alcoholism is an extremely complex subject, and many people have misconceptions about “alcoholics”. Educate yourself on what to expect while kicking the habit so that you can spot when you may be veering off track. Here’s a really helpful article on alcohol addiction myths that explains the most common misconceptions people have regarding what makes an alcoholic and the stereotypes surrounding it.

Surround yourself with support

Kicking a habit is very difficult to do alone, especially if you live in a house full of people you care about. Speak to your loved ones about your worries, what you’re going through, and how they can help support you through this difficult time. Many people find it helpful to have a loved one attend rehabilitation meetings with them for moral support, so perhaps this is something your loved ones could help you with. Sometimes, simply knowing your family and friends are on your team can help you through your addiction.

Change up your lifestyle

The way you’re living your life could also be part of the reason you’ve been reaching for alcohol, so why not change your lifestyle to help kickstart the new and improved you? Here are some tips to consider:

  • Get yourself outside as much as possible! Whether you want to exercise, or simply take a walk in the park to meet some friends, you’ll find your mood improving and the need for a drink declining.
  • Cut out stress from your life wherever possible. If you turn to drink after a long day at work, find a de-stress mechanism to use after arriving home. 
  • Eating healthier food can help promote a healthier mindset, therefore reducing the need to have a drink.

Kicking a habit is a challenge, but with the right help, support, and willpower, you can quit alcohol for good – you’ve got this!

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