Can Yoga Help Depression? — Guest Blogger The Wellness Warrior

Yoga students may present with a variety of physical health concerns, such as chronic pain or injury. As a yoga instructor, it is important to become familiar with student histories so that the teacher can ensure the yoga studio remains a safe space for students. Overall, engagement in yoga practice has been consistently increasing in […]

Can Yoga Help Depression? — The Wellness Warrior


      1. Same here, I have a dog to, he is a lab I think you know that already but he has the house pretty much to himself well it’s just me and him here so he has the run of the house so I would haveto do yoga I suppose I could make some space but I just haven’t done so yet

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          1. Nope, I’m not getting another one for the time being, I’ll just have to use my cane I wouldn’t be able to manage with two dogs you know the cost at all it’s very expensive but I don’t want to give him up because he’s become so loving and loyal and important to me and he’s so cute and sweet that I just couldn’t see myself giving him up

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          2. Oh no I don’t, but I’ve learnt to use my cane you know the white cane so that gets me around a bit plus I have people who help me out and I can go sighted guide with them

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          3. I wouldn’t and couldn’t let him go. I know I couldn’t. He’s become so important to me even for my mental illness he keep me safe when I don’t feel safe and he makes me feel good just by licking me or giving me the Paw 😄😊

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