Lyme Warrior Shares Dr. Eve Sapi’s Study on Biofilms

Dr. Eva Sapi sent us her team’s new study that was partially funded by Lyme Warrior!
In the past, solutions to Lyme disease have been limited partially because we cannot see or understand how biofilms react to treatment. Sapi’s team has uncovered a way to study the effect of ALL treatment methods on biofilms to help patients truly eliminate Lyme disease.

This study will allow researchers across the globe to better understand Lyme disease, biofilms, and how to permanently eradicate this disease for patients.Thank you for your support in making this amazing progress possible! 
We cannot wait to see the changes, advancements, and healing for patients this study fuels!Abstract: “Borrelia burgdorferi, the causative agent of Lyme disease, has been shown to form biofilm structures. Biofilms are tightly clustered microbes characterized as resistant aggregations that allow bacteria to withstand harsh environmental conditions, including the administration of antibiotics. Novel antibiotic combinations have recently been identified for B. burgdorferi in vitro, however, due to prohibiting costs, those agents have not been tested in an environment that can mimic the host tissue. Therefore, researchers cannot evaluate their true effectiveness against B. burgdorferi, especially its biofilm form. A skin ex vivo model system could be ideal for these types of experiments due to its cost effectiveness, reproducibility, and ability to investigate host–microbial interactions. Therefore, the main goal of this study was the establishment of a novel ex vivo murine skin biopsy model for B. burgdorferi biofilm research. Murine skin biopsies were inoculated with B. burgdorferi at various concentrations and cultured in different culture media. Two weeks post-infection, murine skin biopsies were analyzed utilizing immunohistochemical (IHC), reverse transcription PCR (RT-PCR), and various microscopy methods to determine B. burgdorferi presence and forms adopted as well as whether it remained live in the skin tissue explants. Our results showed that murine skin biopsies inoculated with 1 × 107 cells of B. burgdorferi and cultured in BSK-H + 6% rabbit serum media for two weeks yielded not just significant amounts of live B. burgdorferi spirochetes but biofilm forms as well. IHC combined with confocal and atomic force microscopy techniques identified specific biofilm markers and spatial distribution of B. burgdorferi aggregates in the infected skin tissues, confirming that they are indeed biofilms. In the future, this ex vivo skin model can be used to study development and antibiotic susceptibility of B. burgdorferi biofilms in efforts to treat Lyme disease effectively.”

Read the full study and past studies here.Download the full study here!If you haven’t yet, check out our LW Throwdown where we are getting wild to help patients in need get access to treatment and send 150 Kid’s Smile Boxes this holiday!Lyme Warrior Throwdown 2020
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      1. thanks – and it is a boy – and we think he had it from his previous years with their first family- I do know a few “hacks” or health tips – and so thanks for the note here because the Vet asked us to consider the antibiotics and we were not sure – and so maybe we will go that route – thanks

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          1. yes- and so sad –
            I guess Dr. Mark Hyman (have you heard of him) he said that if he had one wish to do anything it would be to eradicate the world of Lyme!
            it sure is a crazy affliction and I am sorry for all who have symptoms and issues from it

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          2. have you tried “Logos” products – I am sure you have tried a lot – but they have an immune formula protocol that many nurses with Lyme have used to rebuild the terrain

            check out “mel’s protocol”

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          3. and while you might be right that it cannot be fully eradicated – I think there are things to be done to rebuild the terrain and get that immune system working better and better

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