Most Popular Indoor Low Light Plants

Not everyone has a sunny windowsill to give house plants some love but did you know there are many indoor plants requiring little light. I’ve also included some low light houseplants for beginners. Be sure to check if the plant is poisonous for your pet, I think a couple on this list are.  

Photo by Fabian Stroobants on

This is a photo of a Snake Plant

I own a Money Tree plant and love it, it seems to be a slow grower. I’ve had for around two months and it is just now having two babies. Yes, I call them babies! LOL

Peace Lily

Snake Plant

African Milk Tree

Variegated Red Edge Peperomia

Watermelon Begonia

Money Tree

Heartleaf Philodendron

Swiss Cheese Plant

Weeping Fig

Here’s a great article from Better Home and Gardens



  1. Who says money doesn’t grow on trees lol? I’ve never seen a money tree plant. I’ll have to check our local garden stores…. Thanks for sharing these; maybe I can find something that will actually live in my Hubby’s office. He’s downstairs and though we have windows down there, he just doesn’t get a lot of light in them since the upstairs deck is overhead.

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    1. You may have to order the Money Tree online. I’ve haerd there not common in the local stores. I bought mine off Etsy. I planted it like a succulant by adding sand to the dirt. I read somewhere to do that and it seems to work fine. i don’t water until half dry. It’s not very all and would make the perfect office plant.

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