Interview With Christine Clayfield Author Of “No Forth River”

Repost from 2018

No Fourth River is a must-read for anyone who has experienced a dysfunctional household with domestic violence, child abuse, humiliation, electroshock therapy, boarding school, and most importantly survived to see much better days.

Here’s a review from Amazon.

Reviewed in the United States on February 28, 2018

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I’m thrilled to take part in the Blog Tour for Christine Clayfield’s first novel “No Fourth River”. Christine, it’s great to talk with you this morning. Let’s jump in.

Your novel “No Fourth River” is incredibly personal. Starting with the brutal abuse from your father to all the siblings. What convinced you now was the right time to write your story?

There are four influencing factors that made me decide to write my story.

1) My husband and daughters kept telling me, over the years, that I should write a book about my life.

2) I don’t usually share my story with others. However, sometimes when I unintentionally mention things from my past, people are intrigued. They want to know more about my life. I’ve often been told that I should write a book because my struggles would resonate with others and my life story could be an inspiration.

3) I had been jotting down ideas for a while but never started to write. When I collected enough courage to speak on stage, people often burst into tears during my speech. They came up to me after my speech to thank me for sharing my story and to tell me how inspired they were. That moment was when I decided to write my life story. I didn’t realize until then that my life story was an inspiration to others.  Very shortly after that, I started writing No Fourth River.

I transformed my life and I wanted to spell out valuable messages in my book too. If I can change one person’s life who will read my book, I will have achieved my goal. I have shared my life experiences, deeply personal ones too, and hope to make a difference in someone else’s life. I want people to know that you can change your life, no matter what you have been through. I am a living example.

4) I am not getting any younger so I needed to do it sooner rather than too late when I perhaps won’t remember all the details of my life.

Your fans responded to “No Fourth River” by rating the book with five stars on What was your first reaction?

I was anxiously awaiting the arrival of my first review as I was curious to read people’s thoughts about my story. When I saw my first review, I was pleased as punch and totally overwhelmed with happiness. The review confirmed what I wanted my book to be: an inspiration to others.

How long did the writing process take?

From the moment I started jotting down dates of events in my life until the manuscript was totally finished, 2 years went by. However, I wasn’t writing full-time at the beginning, just a few hours per week. Once I’d written a few chapters, I started thinking: “I can actually do this; write a novel”. I had written five business books prior but this was my first novel. From that moment, I started writing most days of the week and I finished the book one year later but had a long break in between as my mum moved in with me and I looked after her in her last stages of dementia.

“No Fourth River” is your first novel, what’s your next book?

I am planning to write a book about “How to market a novel” , based on my experiences. I believe there is a big gap in the market for an informative book on this subject.

I am also scribbling down ideas for my second novel: a fiction novel.

Writers are often avid readers. What type of book do you read for pleasure?

Aside from reading books about all aspects of doing business, I love true stories and inspirational stories.

What are some of your other personal leisure activities?

A leisure activity is doing what you like and as I like working, I consider that as one of my leisure activities. When you enjoy what you are doing, it doesn’t feel like working. I also enjoy watching my husband play drums in his touring theatre show. Apart from that, I love traveling, watching a good movie, and dining with friends and family.

How do you want fans to contact you? 

I prefer to be contacted by email:

Christine’s novel “No Fourth River” available now.

It’s such a pleasure to talk with you today. I wish you continued success on “No Fourth River”.



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