#Weekend Music Share * I need Your Help!

It’s the weekend, YEAH! I’m so glad you’ve joined me. Be Safe.

I need your help this weekend! I’ve upgraded my site and have a couple of concerns. Can you read this font? It looks very light for me. I installed Goggle Fonts and my site feels like it has slowed down. If you would, please comment and let me know how your loading time was I would really appreciate it.  

The world has been tested to the limits by the COVID-19 virus and we all need to keep dreaming. There are better days ahead!

In Health,



Welcome back to Weekend Music Share; the place where everyone can share their favorite music.

Feel free to use the ‘Weekend Music Share‘ banner in your post, and don’t forget to use the hashtag #WeekendMusicShare on social media so other participants can find your post.


    1. Thanks, Terri, it seems the problems are now worked out. I moved to the Business plan from the Premium plan and had some hiccups. I may cancel and go back to Premium. I don’t really need or want to work that hard on SEO. What platform do your use?


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