Domestic Violence Thru The Eyes Of A Child

adult alone anxious black and white

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month and I wanted to share some thoughts. This isn’t much of a post but some thoughts I had in 2015 when triggered after seeing Sam Hunt’s video, I just want to take your time. You have to pay close attention to the subtext in the video if you’re not familiar with Domestic Violence. The video starts with a fight and ends in one, a very important life-changing one. 

Original post 4/26/2015

I witnessed my mother get beaten emotionally and physically every day, it created chaos in my young mind. A tornado burned a hole in my heart. I couldn’t understand the feelings of pain when being abused and watching abuse. Child abuse leaves a deep scar in my heart, so does seeing abuse.

A volcano erupted in me, I survived Domestic Violence and had no idea.

The video is heartbreaking, beautiful, and hopeful. 

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