#Weekend Music Share *Tough People Do

It’s the weekend, I’m so glad you’ve joined me. This request is from my husband. He knows how much I appreciate the grit of the older generation of my grandparent’s days. My grandparents overcame so much poverty before and after the war, my granny was a single mother until she married my gramps in 1950. Their life was harder than I’ve ever known it, in large part thanks to them. They taught me you have to get up and take the next step. I thank them for the lessons they taught me.

Keep dreaming of better days to come!

In Health,


Welcome back to Weekend Music Share; the place where everyone can share their favorite music.

Feel free to use the ‘Weekend Music Share‘ banner in your post, and don’t forget to use the hashtag #WeekendMusicShare on social media so other participants can find your post.


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