#Wordless Wednesday Fountain

Hi, it’s Wednesday! I’m thrilled you’re here! My interpretation of a beautiful fountain scene in Washington, D.C. from 2015. It’s not very colorful but I like the way the water feels coming off the fountain. What do you think? Did I capture the motion of water?


In Health,



  1. A wonderful mood, quiet. Just the water jumps jolly and lively over the fountain. I like the pic.
    I only would remove a bit of the red on the right side.
    But at all: the water is the actor and storyteller in the scene 😊
    Well done, Melinda 👍

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    1. Thank you for your kind words and feedback, they mean a lot to me. I had to put the extra red on that side to cover up the date stamp my husband left on the camera. Yuck! I love to capture water and hope to share many more in the future. I still have to Photoshop some. Have a great day.


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