Vital Field Formerly WaveLife *New Mission New Products

WaveLife is now Vital Field with a new mission and innovative new products. I have heard from many of you that you purchased the No Pain Cell and also found pain relief. You will be excited to hear about the new products being launched. The packaging may change by the time the new products are reviewed.

The new Anti-Inflame Cell and Resistance Cell are en route and once I have a chance to test I will post a review on them as well.

No-Pain Cell – targets any type of musculoskeletal pain, especially ones where muscle stiffness and inflammation are an issue

No-Pain package.jpg

Anti-Inflame Cell – specifically developed to target inflammation

Anti-Inflame package.jpg

Resistance Cell – developed to support the immune system

Resistance Cell package.jpg

The Energy Cell is a 100% natural, non-toxic, non-invasive, and non-addictive patented composite with magnetic properties, utilizing crystallized components and silicone, and which can retain and emit the therapeutic frequencies of Vital Fields for at least 6 months. Vital Fields are subtle energy fields, 100% natural, that help transfer energy and information across the body’s living systems (cells, organs, and micro-organs) so the body’s cells can repair and regenerate post-damage. Vital Fields have been researched and developed over the past four decades by experts and scientists.

I had great success with my knee pain with the No-Pain Cell. My knee needs a total replacement and is always hurting due to bone of bone pain. There is also a great deal of inflammation surrounding the area. As mentioned in my review, I received pain relief in 20-30 minutes after putting on the No-Pain Energy Cell with the provided patches. Once I ran out of patches I used regular surgical tape and found the same results.

The science behind the technology is well tested and peer-reviewed. I hope you will check out the Vital Field site and learn more about their products. Also, stay tuned for my reviews on the Anti-Inlame Energy Cell and Resistance Energy Cell.

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