I believe in goals not setting resolutions

Here we are two weeks in to 2021 and I haven’t written a post about New Years resolutions. It’s simple, I don’t make resolutions. Years ago I realized that at some point in the year my resolutions had gone by the wayside and or were not important any more.

Photo by Julia Larson on Pexels.com

Instead of resolutions, I set goals. The reason this works for me is that goals are fluid and so is life. I didn’t approach my resolutions like goals and that is one reason I would find myself disappointed several months into the year with a list of items that were no longer relevant. Setting resolutions always felt like a Wish List not an action plan.

I like to spend time during the last month of the year reflecting on what I’ve learned, what did I accomplish and determine if my goals are still valid. Validity is just as important as having goals and  sometimes they are no longer relevant as you grow as a person.

If you have a goal, you have to take repetitive actions to get to the end result. If your actions on a daily basis don’t support/reinforce your goals you will not reach your destination. If you find yourself not taking action on a goal, chances are it’s time to evaluate why you made it in he first place and is it really important. 

How do you take the lessons learned in 2020 and turn them into an action plan that will carry for you through 2021 with success? 



    1. I hear you. Take it a bit bigger picture but not to many goals, be realistic. You have daily goals and then yearly ones. I try to look at mine each quarter and see how I’m doing, if I’m falling behind, see if I can see if there is a reason. I think the idea behind resolutions are great but if they always make us feel like we’re letting ourselves down then what’s the point Have a great day.

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