Everyday To Be List

This post was inspired by Maria Shiver’s newsletter Sunday Paper. Every week she has an influential person or celebrity talk about their “To Be List”. I’ve been reading these for about a month now and was inspired to write my own.

Photo by Matilda Wormwood on Pexels.com

I want to Be present in the moment with each conversation I have, not half in and one foot out.

I want to Be a better listener. Listen longer before speaking.

I want to Be more aware of how my action affects the environment. We all have to do or part.

I want to Be more open with my emotions. Let the guard down and truly smile.

I want to Be a positive influence whatever that means. I want to be the positive person in the room, not the one who always drains.

Want do you want to Be?




    1. I have read so many great ones and it got me to thinking today. It also makes a difference when you write it down, or so I’ve also been told. Write the goal down and your chances are much higher to accomplish. 🙂


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