Get your Money for Nothing-Updated

If you’ve watched daytime television or browsed the internet you’ve heard every get rich quick scheme. Start your own business and make $3,000 this month………People will promise the moon, we know how that ends. I enjoy making money! I keep it simple by making money on purchases I’m already making.

I use two apps, and Both are installed into my browser and recognizes when I shop at one of their partners. A pop-up asks you to activate by clicking and it shows % of sales received on purchase. Be sure your active at the time of checkout, sometimes if you shop for a long time it may disable. You can do this by clicking on the R icon on your toolbar. 

Rakuten is my long-term favorite, it’s easy and they partner with all the places I shop. To date, I’ve earned approximately $1200.00 for doing nothing but activating a code! Rakuten pays out every quarter for your previous purchases. The big money days are when their partners offer double or triple percent back and 10% days make me very happy. Small sales add up over the year. I also try to shop as I think of items I want and put in my cart for later shopping, then I wait until the payout percentage is higher to actually checkout. It o=could make the difference between $1.00 and $10.00! I’ll take easy money every day. 

If you join Rakuten thru my link and spend $20, you $20 and I get $20. Check out all the stores they offer discounts thru, you probably already shop with some of them. 

Honey works based on finding free shipping and coupon codes for your purchase. It runs thru a long list of coupon codes to see if one applies. You’ll see a pop-up that says there are coupon codes. You click and it does its thing. I like the Honey app, it’s so simple to use. I have received free shipping on several purchases, saved countless dollars with coupon codes. You also collect points for shopping with their partners so even if you don’t have a coupon code you earn points for your sale.  Once you reach a certain number of points you can redeem from a huge selection of gift cards. I go for the Amazon gift cards. There’s nothing so rewarding as receiving an email saying you’ve just received a free $10 gift card of your choice as a reward for something I was already doing. 

THREDUP is a site for women’s clothing, shoes, and accessories. You can find new items with tags, almost new and used, all priced accordingly. You can also clean out your closet and send items to ThredUp for them to sell. They also accept some designer items for resale. I had great luck with all the resale items I sent them, you have to be clear on what they are looking for in order to make money and have a higher percentage of your items listed. Request a cleanout bag and send your items in for listing, it’s a great way to make a little extra money on clothes and accessories with life left in them. 


If you are a Prime Member at Amazon you have a world of free goodies offered movies, books…..the list goes on and on. I rely on Amazon since I don’t drive and Prime Members get two-day free shipping. I have saved thousands of dollars of shipping and the turnaround time is usually 2 days for the majority of times. 

The best discovery I’ve made is the Amazon Prime Member Card. It’s a credit card that can only be used at Amazon, it’s offered with no fees. You receive 5% back on every purchase you make on Amazon. WOW!!!!! Amazon’s customer service is a first quality, every time I’ve had a problem they resolve it in a chat right away. 

To give my husband downtime on weekends, we had our groceries delivered for over a year by Amazon. Prime Members get free delivery. The amount of time saved surprised him, the money has brought a smile to my face. The grocery section is Amazon Fresh is extensive, they have thousands of products including fresh bread.


I just discovered Shoprunner. They are similar to Honey in that have preferred customers who if you use ShopRunner as your shipping method the shipping charges are free and you get two-day delivery. I have several stores I like to shop at but they don’t offer free returns which frustrates me. This is where ShopRunner comes in. If you have to return the item for any reason you go to their site and ShopRunner will provide you with a return label to print out. I made my first purchase using ShopRunner at Soma and if I have to make a return it won’t cost the normal $7.00 return fee. 

Happy Shopping!



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