The 70 Year Storm: A Week Without Water

 I want to say first that we are totally blessed!!!!!!! I have nothing to complain about by a small inconvenience when people have lost everything they owed , have no where to live, and still have no running water and electricity.

This storm didn’t catch us by surprise but the magnitude of it did. There is no way to prepare for a storm that Texas is not built to the specs to handle that type of weather.

I will be watching closely to see who our power suppliers show transparency through the aftermath of the storm, what we’ve learned, and did they do all they could This is the last major storm we’ve had since 2011, which brought sweeping changes from the shortfalls then. 

I’ve included a few photos of the small inconveniences we’ve had to go thru, the biggest is not having running water and having buckets of water in the bathroom to flush the toilet.

Yesterday it was the 70’s and today a beautiful 60 degrees. That’s Texas for ya!

Please give to local charities if you can to help to provide meals and water to those without not to mention the devastation that will show itself in the coming weeks.

We have three water lines broken, a drain on the pool frozen, the line for the ice maker broke but we consider ourselves extremely lucky.

Please take advantage of the warming centers if you don’t have electricity and most importantly check on the elderly.

I’m sending all my fellow Texas lots of love and love to the rest of the country who are dealing with record temperatures.




  1. I’m so sorry about these horrible conditions, especially about the boy who froze in his bed. I would not have thought about that. It’s important that people know that this can happen.

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    1. There are so many hirting right now it makes my heart sick. I have to limit the news or I can’t sleep at night. One story, it didn’t have to haopopen still bothers me. He was 10 and instead of sleeping with his paretns they let him sleep in his roon, a single wide tralor with no electrcity. He froze to death. Why?


  2. I’ve been thinking about you (all) and praying. I’ve seemed to have lost your email address, otherwise I’d have emailed you!
    I’m glad to know you’re safe. My heart goes out to you and all those affected. ❤️ Stace

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    1. Great inds think alike!!!!! I’ve been thinking about you as well and hope things have imporved at least some. you can use that one and then once I hear from youI’ll give you my most used email.
      I truly send good karma each day to you for some healing, no matter how small. They all add up. Hugs.


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