I’m Scheduled For My Covid Shot

The facility close by has finally received vaccines and I have an appointment on Thursday for my first dose! I can’t tell you how happy I am. I had no idea when my time would arrive and was so shocked when I found out today.

Keep your chin up your day will soon arrive and you too can get protection for this killer virus.

I’ll keep you posted on my experience.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

Have a great day.



      1. Good question. Personally, I believe our previous president’s words often sharpened the chasm, but it’s bigger than one person. Whatever it, or the process was, the lopsided media reinforces conflict. We can choose what to promote and focus on.

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  1. My friends in Cali got both of their’s already but they work in hospitals and my mom is high risk. Still no word here in TX when we’ll be able to get ours. I know the second dose is when people get the side effects but as much as I had vaccine’s, I have a toddler and there’s nothing for her T_T

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    1. Luckily they are doing trials now for kids so it wont be long before they can get thieir shot. I’m in a high risk group so I’m sure that’s why mine ahas come earlier than some. I was so shocked today when i looked and there aas tiem slot available.

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  2. Woooooop, this is fantastic! Good luck for Thursday, Mel. I hope it goes as smoothly as possible. Try to pencil in downtime for a few hours after the shot and the next couple of days just in case. Hopefully any side-effects are minimal and short-lived like mine were, at least for our first doses. 🤗 xx

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    1. My husband is taking me and I will try to take my IPad since i have three books I’m reading to do reviews on. I’m enjoying doing something different and hopefully some of the upcoming books will really hit hone with my readers. Have a great day.

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