Seeing Your Doctor? Make The Most Of Your 15 minutes

If your only choice is seeing a General Practitioner for chronic illness, you will have to take on the additional responsibility to make sure you’re getting the best healthcare. What you can’t expect is a General Practitioner to be a one-stop-shop, they have 15 minutes per patient and treat the most common illnesses. Once your 15 minutes is up, you have to save questions for the next appointment. And while it may be particularly frustrating to have to leave empty-handed, it can help to get into the right mindset for doing your own research.

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If seeing a General Practitioner for all your chronic illnesses, go into each meeting expecting three questions to get answered, if the conversation doesn’t go off track. Go prepared with questions, concerns, or medical issues but don’t expect more than 15 minutes unless your insurance company allows 30-minute appointments. I schedule 30 minutes with my GP on each visit, which lowers my stress level and allows us to talk more in-depth if needed.

If you make multiple visits to your doctor for the same issue make sure to ask for a referral. They are clearly out of their league. I speak from experience, I saw my doctor for 15 years and in that time he may have made two or three referrals. After finally realizing he was not the right doctor for me anymore I changed to a woman.

In the two years I’ve been seeing her she has made over a dozen referrals and each doctor r has found something wrong with me. I value that she doesn’t mess around and see if she can handle something outside of her experience.

Don’t sell yourself short.



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