RIP HRH Prince Phillip 1921-2021

I’ve watched in amazement at this strong man, Prince Phillip, the rock of the Royal family, carry out his duties to his country with such grace and wit.

It takes a strong man, a self-assured man who was a Prince in two countries to give up his titles to marry Princess Elizabeth and have to take her family’s last name. That’s the love of the strongest kind!

Photo by Julia Volk on
duke of edinburg



  1. Lovely tribute. Such a sad, sad time. He did well at 99, but he’d said he really wanted to get to 100 and went through such intense heart surgery, only to miss out by mere weeks. He was such an integral part of the royal family and although I’m not a huge fan generally, I did like Prince Philip. He was a man of honesty and integrity, who was still down to earth and outspoken, not minding if he dropped the ‘f’ bomb one bit. Rest in peace, you will be dearly missed by many. xxxx

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    1. He was really the foundation and life will never be the dame for the family. I’m a big fan of the Royal family and he was the glue. I’m so glad he told Harry what a sorry ass he was for stepping down and leaving his duty behind. Only Phillip would be so bold to say the truth. Harry wants it both ways and Meghan just wants it all! I knew she was in trouble and so did the family, he will see one day what she’s made of. I’ve already seen it with the interview she did on tv. What a whining bitch. She kept notes of everything so she could prove things, who does that? What makes me so mad is she never wanted to be in the royal family, she should have never married into it if she didn’t plan on playing by the rules. Every time she wore a sleeveless shirt or dress I knew the Queen was angry! It’s like she did things on purpose and Harry never stood up for the family. What really makes me angry about the interview is if things were so bad, WHAT the hell did Harry do about it? Let’s blame everyone but what did her husband do? Was it really that bad if your husband does nothing? Oh, I could go on……

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