Natural Remedies VS Medicine: Which Is Better For Chronic Pain?

Anyone who experiences chronic pain will tell you that pain management is in their thoughts daily. There are so many ways to manage chronic pain, and it usually takes a person a long time to find the perfect balance for their pain levels. 

While it is easy to judge others and insist that your way is the best way, at the end of the day, a person’s experience of pain is unique, and can’t be controlled or judged by others. The debate between using natural remedies or prescription medications is ongoing, and in this blog, we will take a look at the benefits of each choice.

Let’s get started in answering the question: are natural remedies or medicine better for chronic pain treatment?

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The Benefits of Natural Remedies For Chronic Pain

The term “natural remedies” constitutes many different types of pain management. These include:

  • Physical movement, such as stretching, yoga, walking, weight lifting, pilates, swimming, and any other movement treatments.
  • Natural herbs and medicines, such as CBD, herbal teas, specific diets such as veganism and homeopathy.
  • Non-medicinal physical treatment, such as acupuncture, physiotherapy, massage, cupping, talking therapy, CBT, hypnosis, and spiritual practices.

While some people scoff at the use of natural remedies for chronic pain, others swear by its powers. 

If you want to avoid harsh medicines that can’t be used long-term, it might be helpful to try out different holistic practices such as the ones listed above. It can’t hurt to measure their effects, and you never know what could work for you! Many of these methods have been used for thousands of years, and have been instrumental in the development of modern medicines and practices.

CBD and hemp oil tinctures, for example, are relatively new products that are totally legal in most countries. These can be administered in cream, oil, or tablet form, and have been said to alleviate chronic pain for many users.

Medicine For Chronic Pain

Of course, medicinal pain management is very common for those who experience chronic pain. If you experience severe pain on a daily basis, there may be no other option for the management of your pain, other than to take prescription medication.

If you see a doctor regularly to discuss your pain management, they may suggest different pain medications for you to try. Pain management is a unique experience, and it can be quite frustrating when you are trying to find the right medicine for you. 

Most prescribed medications are safe for use, but unfortunately, some pain medications can be addictive. That is why it is helpful to try other methods, such as natural remedies, that can supplement your pain management.

Conclusion: which is better for chronic pain, natural remedies, or medicine?

At the end of the day, most people with chronic pain would suggest that a mixture of natural remedies, such as movement, natural medicines and treatments, and prescribed medicine, will help with chronic pain.

While some people who experience chronic pain say that only one or the other works for them, the majority of people would argue that both can be helpful in their own way.

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